Employment Opportunities & Training

Girringun TUMRA Coordinator

Permanent Fulltime: 38 Hours/Week

Hourly Rate: $28.85

Closing Date: Monday 5th March 2018 - 5pm

PLEASE NOTE: THIS POSITION IS IDENTIFIED FOR A 'SALTWATER TRADITIONAL OWNER OF THE GIRRINGUN REGION TUMRA' and is a genuine occupational qualification for this role under Section 25 of the QLD Anti-Discrimination Act 1991.

To perform this role it is essential that the applicant have traditional sea country connections to the Girringun Region TUMRA; being a descendant of and identifying as a member of one of the following Saltwater Traditional Owner groups: Bandjin, Djiru, Girramay, Gulnay, Nywaigi and Warrgamay



Please contact the office on 07 4066 8300 or email: finance3@girringun.com.au if you have any further queries relating to this position.